...combined instructional experience of more than 30 years.

Abraham Joseph founded the AB Discount Driving School in 1985 with a vision that driver education is an important requirement to promote traffic safety on our nation's highways. Learning to become a responsible driver is not an easy task. His goal is to teach his students the value of developing a positive attitude in the classroom and behind the wheel, and to communicate those skills as a responsible road user.

AB Discount Driving School's philosophy is to offer an affordable program that is carefully organized with professional instructors in the classroom and in car instruction, utilizing a wide range of current information, videotapes, charts, transparencies, and a carefully selected text book that is colorful and student friendly. Our motto is, "You Never Fail, Until You Stop Trying."

As a committed professional Driver Education School, we are a member of the Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc. (DSAA). In addition, our company is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Value Star Approved and Certified, (AARP) and the Local Chamber of Commerce.

AB Discount Driving School is proud to have a number of qualified professional instructors with a combined instructional experience of more than 30 years, and commitment to safety and risk management.

Thank you for choosing AB Discount Driving School as your principal partner that is willing to help you and your family members understand the fundamental requirements and skills in order to attain mastery of your driving privilege and the use of the Highway Transportation System (HTS)


What people are saying about us... The Washington Post called one of our instructors "a sage against road rage."

Haiti Impact says... "Here in the Washington metropolitan area, it is almost impossible to talk about getting your learner's permit or your license without mentioning "Abraham". Why is he so popular in the community? Almost everyone knows somebody who knows somebody [else] who received assistance from him. From in-class teaching of driving theory to behind-the-wheel driving and actually going with you to take the test, he handles it all. ... He has a vision."

Our students say... "AB gives you more competitive prices than other area driving schools and the class schedule is more flexible too. I was able to finish my 30 hour classroom training in 2 weeks. Their behind the wheel instructors are excellent too. I really learnt the ins and outs of parallel parking!"

This is what our students told Valuestar about our services...

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