In addition to completing this course online, you MUST come in person to our location to take a final test and pay for the program. The MVA will not be notified of your completion of the course until you come in to take your final and pay. For information on our test areas, simply click on the TEST AREAS button at the top of our online course.

You will be directed to our online course when you click on the ''WELCOME TO DIP COURSE ONLINE'' button below - or click here. Once you have registered successfully, you will be taken to the online program. You will be required to read through a series of sessions or modules. There will be a quiz at the end of each session that you must pass with a score of 80% or higher. If you do not pass with a score of 80%, you will be immediately redirected to the beginning of the session to re-read the material.

Upon successful completion of the online program, you will have the opportunity to print out your ''Congratulations Page''. This is not an MVA document. The Congratulations Page is simply a voucher proving that you successfully completed the online portion of the program.

To complete this process, you must present the following in person:

A. Photo ID (MD License, Passport, MD I.D.)
B. DIP referral letter
C. Eighty Dollars ($80.00) D. Print-out of the ''Congratulations Page'' after you have completed the online portion.

Note: Private classes are available to people.

3 hr Alcohol and DIP classes, would you call or recommend AB Driving School?

Completion of the course will be reported to the MVA on the day that you come in to take the final test and pay for the program. The date of completion will be posted directly to your driving record. The Driver Improvement Program is a 6-8 hour instructional program that is intended to provide driver rehabilitation. You may have been assigned to the driver improvement program for one of the following reasons: You were referred by a district court judge;

You were referred by an administrative law judge in the office of administrative hearings (OAH); or, You were cited for a moving violation while holding a provisional driver's license.

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