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Certificate fees (Cash, Money Orders, or Credit Cards (Visa/MC)): Safe and Sober Program - $55
You must bring Photo Identification (e.g. Passport, Out-of-Country License, Green Card, etc.). NO EXCEPTIONS - NO PHOTO ID - NO CERTIFICATE.
Our Test Area personnel are only available at the posted times.
The listed test areas do not have information on our time schedules. It is listed below - please do NOT call the hotels, etc.
You will be required to complete a written quiz - if you fail to receive a passing grade, we will have on-site personnel and review material available so that you may retake the quiz.
Payment - Money Orders preferred - cash will be accepted - NO personal checks please.
The test areas listed below are the only testing locations available for this month. If your schedule does not allow you to complete the final exam at a designated "Test Area". do not take this online program.
Be aware, only the Test Areas listed below have the login verification that proves you completed your online program. No other driving school has access to your information and cannot provide the testing for you.

******************** Testing Schedule Below ********************

Location: AB Discount Driving School Inc.
Test Dates: Everyday - 9 AM to 5 PM - CALL FOR APPOINTMENT !
Street: 11303 Amherst Avenue
City: Silver Spring
State: MD, 20902
Phone: (301) 439-2917
Additional Information:

To receive credit for the course, must read at the completion of the course, students must schedule an appointment to take the final test. Students must bring the congratulation page, an ID and a proof of address.

Contact Us

AB Discount Driving School Inc.

If you have a question, please call our offices Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm at (301) 962-4700 OR email us at abdrive@abdrive.com
You can also reach us by mail at:
AB Discount Driving School Inc.
Street: 11303 Amherst Avenue
City: Silver Spring
State: MD, 20902
Phone: (301) 439-2917
Also reach us by fax at # (301) 445-6968

Online Course Procedures

By satisfactorily completing this "Safe and Sober" program, you will receive a "3-Hour Safe and Sober Program Certificate". This certificate is required in order to receive a Maryland driver's license and only applies to those holding a valid driver's license from a foreign country.

Instructions - How to Complete this Internet Program and take the Final Test:

Please read the following instructions COMPLETELY before beginning your class.
» To begin, you would return to the "home page" and find the link "All New Users Click Here to Register".
» You may complete the online program at your own pace (all in one day or return as many times as you choose). When returning to complete your sessions you will need to login with your name and date of birth.
» In this online classroom, there are 4 sessions.
» There will be a review at the end of each session. When you complete the review at the end of the 4th session, you will have finished the "online" classroom requirements.
» This online classroom is FREE. However, in order to receive a completion certificate you must pass a short final test (average time = 10 to 15 minutes) and pay $40 at one of our "TEST AREAS" . Be aware that a final test is required whether you take an online program or a classroom program.

Test Areas

» TEST AREAS will be posted and updated on a regular basis.
» The "TEST AREAS" link is at the top of this page or on the HOME PAGE.
» We accept Cash or Money Orders only.
» IMPORTANT: You are REQUIRED to bring a picture identification (like a passport, permanent resident card, out-of-country license, etc.) to the test area with you.

Website Down-Time

Please be aware that: » Websites and Servers may have down-time, heavy traffic, or other unforeseen problems.
» On most Internet sites, when down-time occurs, you may see "PAGE UNAVAILABLE".
» This condition usually lasts for only a short period of time.

If down-time occurs:

» Down-time can be related to your computer or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In this case you must contact your ISP directly.
» Call our offices. Leave a message including YOUR name, time, date & length of down-time, and your phone number. A school representative will return your call as soon as possible.
» You can attend a classroom program. Call our office for schedules.

» PLEASE NOTE: We will not disclose client information for any purpose other than allowed by 10-616 (p) of the State Government Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.

Welcome to 3-Hour Alcohol & Drugs Program/Safe and Sober Program

Online Courses

** AB Discount Driving School Inc. **

Welcomes you to take our 3-Hour Alcohol & Drugs Program/Safe and Sober Program.

(completely satisfies your requirement for the Maryland 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program) Attention: Taking this Internet Safe and Sober Program will completely satisfy your MVA requirement for the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program. As of November 30th, 2011, the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program course has been replaced by the Safe and Sober Program: A Guide to Driving in Maryland.

All students will now register for the "Safe and Sober Program: A Guide to Driving in Maryland" to fulfill their 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education course requirement.

Please call us or email us if you have any questions about the "new" Safe and Sober program - click on the "Contact Us" button for our contact info... Thank you - Management

This On-Line Classroom is Approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Note: Private classes are available to people.

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